On this page you will find all the information to be able to organize a birthday party in an escape room in Milan.

Birthday escape room Surprise the guest or guests by having them participate in a fun, exciting game that puts them to the test.

Number of competitors

Each escape room has a maximum number of players at a time, this to ensure a good gaming experience for everyone. If necessary in some cases it is possible to override a person's limit but it is strongly advised against to not lower the quality of the game. In this case the game could have a surcharge, to know it exactly, in the booking process write in the comments that there will be one more participant and ask if there is a higher cost (usually around € 20).

The best solution for a successful escaperoom birthday party in Milan if you are a large group and you are not in the same room is to divide into two or more groups and play simultaneously in different rooms within the same structure.

Celebrating an escape room birthday party is definitely a memorable experience so try to get the most out of it by keeping the correct number of players.

Room for cutting the cake or exchanging gifts

Some escape rooms have a meeting room or a space used to allow a moment of conviviality, they have different costs depending on the facilities (the average price is around € 40 per hour).

To find out which rooms have a lounge, you can see it from this link: escape room with private room to find out the exact cost of the room, check the privacy policy of the room, if there were not ask for it in the booking field in the comments field.

Cost of the escaperoom party

the cost of the game always remains correlated to the number of participants who play, just like a normal game (except for the small private room if requested). The day of the live escape game is soldered.

What happens if the number of participants in the escape room changes

If the number of players decreases do not worry, there is no problem and the price of the escape room will still be calculated based on the number of people playing in the room regardless of the booking.
If the number of players increases but still falls within the limit of maximum people per room there are no problems and also in this case the total cost will be calculated on the number of actual players.
If, on the other hand, the number of people exceeds the maximum limit accepted, you must contact the manager of the escape game as soon as possible to assess (if possible) to reserve another room, or if available you can do so directly from the portal by reserving another room (be careful to book it in the same structure).

Now you have all the information you need to organize an escape room birthday party in Milan, remember to book in advance and make a reservation for each room and make sure the rooms are in the same structure.

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