Escape rooms for children are more and more in Milan and also suitable for children, aged 10 and up.

These games are popular among adults, as they test each participant's skills and reinforce team spirit and reasoning.

Fortunately there are family escape rooms suitable for all members of the group and of any age, specifically designed to allow each player to have fun and be an active part of the escape game.
In the case that playing a family the age of the individual participants is indicative, meaning that even younger children 7 or 8 can enter, clearly will not have a gaming experience like that of bigger players.

All escape rooms are designed for children aged 16 and over, but those shown here are also suitable for children.
> To prepare for the best we ask you to report the presence of children in the comments area of ​​the special booking form.

If you organize an escaped birthday party, you will surely marvel at the party and guests.
The game escapes from the room will leave them open-mouthed!

How does it work?

A group of children from 6 to 8 participants enters the theme room and has one hour of time to manage to escape solving the riddles, the riddles and finding the special objects to escape. The presence of at least an adult in every room is required.

How many can you play?

The maximum capacity varies for each room, usually it is 6 or 8 people, you will see this detail in the specific room sheet.

The boys are more than 8, how can I do?

If the participants are more than 8 (up to 18) you can create two or three groups and have them play simultaneously in two or three different rooms in the same structure.


In Via Giovanni Pascoli 3, 20129 (between Lima and Città Studi)

2 Rooms (each for a maximum of 8 people):
The Curse of the Nautilus - The Haunted House
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OPTION 2 Via Francesco Nava 17, Milan (Between Zara and Marche)
3 rooms (each for 6 people)
The Witch - The Prison - The Phantom Photolaborator

In Option 2 you can book a private room for cutting the cake or opening the gifts, in this case it must be inserted at the time of booking in the comments and the cost is € 40 for one hour
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The cost of the escape room for children or birthdays depends on the rooms chosen and the number of participants (about 90 euros for 6 participants), is the same as the standard ones and are visible in every single room card, under the calendar and during the phase of reservation.

Payment will be made on the day of the game and paid in cash at the property with normal receipt delivery.

If after booking you want to change your booking please let us know as soon as possible by telephone, at the number you will receive in the confirmation e-mail.