On this page we collect the best escape rooms in Milan by category.
Following reviews and feedback received from portal users, we selected a Milan room escape by type.

Escape room Fantasy in milan

escape room of Harry Potter: Last Horcrux

This room, one of the last opened but immediately enters the ranking even if it is a new room escape, in fact it is present on the portal from very little. The theme is obviously magic and is inspired by Harry Potter, of which he also uses the original music. This room is suitable for everyone. The scenography is treated in detail, as soon as you enter the environment you will be immersed in another world made of potions, spells and magic. The goal is to find all the Horcruxes (magic items) in order to destroy the evil wizard "you know who".

Escape room for families Milan

escape prison room Escape from the prison

This type of activity is also ideal to entertain the little ones together with their parents. This room has one of the most classic themes, as the title suggests you were captured and locked up in a prison from which you will have to escape. The space has several different environments and can also accommodate larger families, up to 8 people. Also perfect for birthday parties (link)

Escape Room Horror Milan

the warren spouses and the domenique case

This room was designed to be played in two modes, with actors (the crazy mode) or without actors (classic mode), the setting is very suggestive and the tension is at the highest levels. if you really want to experience a terrifying experience, you must choose the crazy mode. To complete the room you will have to exorcise a little girl and free the demon inside her.

Harder escape room milan

The Dark Monk

This is certainly one of the most difficult rooms in Milan, only the most expert escapers can solve it in 60 minutes and without help. The room is very particular and full of significant details, don't be intimidated, if you love the genre even at the first escape rooms you will have a great time thanks to the expert help of the masters. You have entered the study of a friar who may have been murdered this morning. He studied the sacred texts throughout his life and informed his superiors of a burning discovery.

Detective room escape in milan

True Detective

If you are a lover of crime fiction and crime fiction and have always wanted to be a detective, this room has all these elements. You have been hired as a private detective to capture a murderer. The killer's modus operandi leads him back to old cases but the police don't seem to cooperate.

Escape room taken from a movie in milano

The Upsidedown

This room escape is taken from Stranger Things. Just like the TV series this room is also rather intricate. One of the few certainties of mankind has always been the passage of time in the same direction and speed. Unfortunately an extraordinary event has happened and the rules of space time are no longer constant.

This is not a ranking of Milan's escape rooms but a selection of ours that depends exclusively on comments, reviews and feedback from users. Go to the following link if you want to find the escape room closest to you.