Quest "Wonderland"

You have to go back to the Wonderland. Resolve all skill tests and do not fall into easy distractions. Once the time has expired, you will not be able to go home.

You have embarked on an incredible journey into Wonderland and now you must go home with your group. You will have to face various skill tests and pay attention to every little detail. Keep an eye on the clock, it's not tea time and it's very late ... hurry up or risk getting trapped forever.

Price policy

Price for group:

2-4 people: 60 €
5 people: 75 €
6 people: 90 €
7 people: 105 €
8 people: 120 €

Payment in place, at the moment of the game.

Available in SURPRISE mode: a character will be with you in the room, the price is 10 € extra for a group.

Language: Italian, English and Spanish, if different from italian write it in the reservation form.

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