How can I book?

You must select the room you chose first on the day, then the date, enter the required data and click on book. To see all the rooms on the map choose your city and then click on the map.

How is the payment?

Payment takes place exclusively on the spot, on the day of the appointment. Online you can book the game.

We are a large group, how do we do it?

You can book two or more different rooms for the same time in the same structure: Click on the "More than 8 People" menu to view the rooms grouped by location, click on the top or BOOK NOW to compare availability.

We do not find timetables available

To compare all the rooms for the same date you have to click on BOOK in the menu, from there select the day and you will see all the available slots

We have booked for a number of people now we are more / less

If your group is within the maximum number of participants for the selected room, No Problem! The Price of the final room is calculated on the spot at the time of the match. If you are, you can reserve another room in the same building for a similar time. By clicking on MORE THAN 8 PEOPLE see the rooms in the same structures.

How do I cancel a reservation?

If you can not go to play you must notify the structure in which you have booked as soon as possible, find the phone number and the e-mail address, in the email confirming the reservation.

We are late

Call the number you received in the confirmation email to see if the delay is manageable or if you need to make a new appointment.

How long is a game?

The maximum duration of the game is usually 60 minutes, with the exception of two rooms that are 90 and 120 minutes, you find it specified in the card.

Group people have special health situations

Usually the rooms (excluding Horror that are not recommended for pregnant women) are suitable for everyone, if you have any doubt please write it in the comments when booking.

What age should the players have?

The rooms are designed to be always fun, if there are no children in a group of adults. If the group is made up exclusively of boys aged 14 or less, an adult must always be present. If the group is made up exclusively of children aged 16 or under we ask you to specify it in the comments when booking.