Quest "Pirate Galleon"

You are on a Pirate Galleon hit by a curse. Recover the talisman to break the spell and come back to home

You are on board on one of the most feared vessels of the seven seas, the Relampago, the galleon of the dreaded pirate Bennet Graham.

The ship is under a terrible spell that imprisons all those who have tried to take possession of the wonderful treasure of Acapulco. You must recover the talisman that allow you to break the curse before it becomes irreversible and you will be forever prisoner of the galleon.

Price policy

Price for group:

2-4 people: 60 €
5 people: 75 €
6 people: 90 €
7 people: 105 €
8 people: 120 €

Payment in place, at the moment of the game.

Available in SURPRISE mode: a character will be with you in the room, the price is 10 € extra for a group.

Language: Italian, English and Spanish, if different from italian write it in the reservation form.

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