Quest "The Billionaire's Secret"

One of the most extraordinary men of the last century has disappeared, Sir Thomas Baker. You have the opportunity to investigate the secret office of this eccentric billionaire and find out why none of his relatives have been called to receive the inheritance and WHO will benefit from this fortune.

An incredible life and always at the top that for Sir Thomas Baker. His changes and movements are almost impossible to fully know. In constant contrast with everything, between personal rebellions and climbs to high-finance companies, often on the front page in tabloids for his achievements as a charismatic playboy and numerous people swear to have seen him work in a traveling circus. What becomes more and more certain is that it concealed a secret, probably connected with its many trips to Russia. Immerse yourself in his mind, immerse yourself in his way of living and thinking to solve the mystery he has hidden for all these years.

Price policy

price for group:
2 people: 70 €
3 people: 90 €
4 people: 120 €
5 people: 125 €
6 people: 150 €
7 people: 160 €
8 people: 170 €

Payment at the moment of the game

We accept on place

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