Quest "The Realm of Beyond"

You were kidnapped and locked up, you have only your intellect and your senses, use them to the best to go beyond the normal perception and leave the room.

Ready for a journey which will challenge your courage? Kidnapped and trapped, the only way to save yourself is to go "beyond", finding your way out to a parallel world. Forget the B-movies, this is not the usual splatter... It 'a psychological horror, starting with you begin blindfolded, handcuffed and ...

"The Realm of Beyond" is a multi-room sensorial real life game, in which, just like in a video game, as you progress with the challenge you will unlock new environments, rooms and playgrounds. To be able to escape you will need to use all your five senses!

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Price policy

Temporary Escape Room
from 2 to 4 people: 60 €
each person pore 15€ more


Leonardo's Workshop - The Real Of Beyond

If you want to try the game we recommend to use the discount and book two hours in a row.

N° people: 1 ora / 2 ore
2 People: 60 € / 100 €
3 People: 81 € / 129 €
4 People: 96 € / 148 €
5 People: 100 € / 168 €
6 People: 100 € / 168 €

We don't accept on place

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