Quest "The Witch"

To pass the time you decide to enter an old uninhabited house outside the city, unfortunately it is not so ...

You have recently arrived in the city and enter a place to relax. Intrigued by photographs of buildings on the walls one of you starts to chat with the owner asking questions about a house in the picture. At first she jokes, saying that it is a mysterious house at the end of the road that leads out of the city and from which no one comes near because wrapped in a strange dark aura. Interested, you continue to ask for information, then the conversation becomes more serious and tells you that it was inhabited by a witch and should now be uninhabited, but often you continue to hear noises or see lights on. Intrigued decide to go and see it and once you get in front of you decide to enter the door ajar, even before you think what to do the door closes and you start to hear noise too.

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Price policy

An adult is required for groups under the age of 14

Photolab of the Ghost price for group:

2 people:50 €
3 people:: 60 €
4,5 o 6 people:: 70 €


Escape from the Prison price for group:

2 people: 50 €
3 people: 60 €
4 people: 70 €
5 people: 80 €
6 people: 90 €
7 people: 100 €
8 people: 110 €


The Witch, price for group

2 people: 60 €
3,4 people: 70 €
5 people: 80 €
6 people: 90 €

We don't accept on place

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