Quest "Laboratory - Level 1"

You decided to visit a small town in Texas and shortly after your arrival it was quarantined. You must be able to escape as soon as possible to avoid being infected

In this small town a famous scientist had established himself and it was said that he continued to make secret experiments responsible for his removal from the laboratory in which he worked. The adventure will start right in your workshop, discover all the secrets and links to be able to move to the next level

Particular Escape Room theme Zombi and Apocalypse organized in levels. just like a videogame you will find objects and weapons that you can carry forward in the game

Price policy

2-3 people: 60 €
4 people: 70 €
5 people: 85 €
6 people: 90 €
7 people: 105 €
8 people: 120 €

Payment at the moment of the game

Zombiville Laboratory - Level 1 promo video

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