Quest "Sheriff's Office - Level 2"

You have been locked up in the sheriff's office waiting for you to come back to question you. Run away before you come back, watch out for the zombies and collect important clues

Being a stranger, you are looked on with suspicion and you are accused of stealing the necessary evidence for the investigation. You understand that there is something that does not come back and suspects in a strange collaboration between the police and the scientist. Resolve all the riddles and find the clues to get out before the sheriff returns Before you can play this level you must have passed Laboratory - 1st Level This level can be played in the Zombie mode (Zombies in the escape room)

Price policy

2-3 people: 60 €
4 people: 70 €
5 people: 85 €
6 people: 90 €
7 people: 105 €
8 people: 120 €

Payment at the moment of the game

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