Quest "Unbreakable"

You have to end the Second World War. You could go inside at the secret embassy office to crack the code.

You are a team of special agents of British Intelligence, your mission is to define the exact position of the German submarines that are exterminating the Allied fleet. You have to find the secret office of the embassy, ​​in which you have to solve puzzles to reach the room that contains the famous device that encrypts communications with the opposing army, once you enter you will have to decode the code.

Many lives depend on this mission and in order to increase your chances of success you will divide into two groups. You have only 60 minutes before the security systems send your plans upstream.

Price policy

price for group:
2 people: 70 €
3 people: 90 €
4 people: 120 €
5 people: 125 €
6 people: 150 €
7 people: 160 €
8 people: 170 €

Payment at the moment of the game

We accept on place

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