Quest "Leonardo's Workshop"

You have to find the project of the last weapon designed by Leonardo. You have an hour to find in the laboratory of the master DaVinci the kriptex that containing it.

Playing the role of spies of the 15th century, you and your friend will have to sneak into Leonardo’s workshop to find and open the cryptex, a secret device which holds the project of Leonard’s latest war machine. The fate of Venice is in your hands, will you be able to open all the secret passages and escape with the project in one hour?
Leonardo’s Workshop is a multi-room real life escape game in which, just like in a video game, as you progress with the challenge you will unlock new environments, rooms and playgrounds.

Price policy

Temporary Escape Room
from 2 to 4 people: 60 €
each person pore 15€ more


Leonardo's Workshop - The Real Of Beyond

If you want to try the game we recommend to use the discount and book two hours in a row.

N° people: 1 ora / 2 ore
2 People: 60 € / 100 €
3 People: 81 € / 129 €
4 People: 96 € / 148 €
5 People: 100 € / 168 €
6 People: 100 € / 168 €

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